• Charles Leaver, Cybersecurity Master

  • Posted on April 22, 2017
  • When anyone examines the course of his career, it is easy to understand why Charles Leaver is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the most prominent cybersecurity companies in the world, Ziften. Since his tech career began in 1982, at various times he has been an entrepreneur, a senior executive, sales and management specialist and advisor in a number of tech fields. That demonstrates that he is willing to try everything, although he seems to have settled on cybersecurity, especially in the mobile and media sectors.

    Actually, Charles Leaver seems to have slid into the security business almost by accident. It started when he owned, operated and managed several extremely innovative and technologically sophisticated lottery systems all over the world, including South America, Asia and Europe. Since billions of dollars were involved in these systems, their ability to stay secure was an absolute necessity. Good thing Chuck Leaver is extremely skilled and understands all aspects of tech and cybersecurity. He gained his knowledge through his extensive experience in the tech arena, particularly in areas of application software and infrastructure technologies, ERP, Web application development, E-Learning, and Gaming.

    Charles Leaver is extremely well-known for having a knack for successfully guiding companies into breaking down barriers and pushing the edge of technology. In fact, few are better than Charles Leaver at showing tech companies how to push new technologies into the market and making a profit. money with them. At one time or another he has found himself involved in every aspect of the high-tech and mobile markets, including securing secure patents for new technological advances, as well as his ability to devise and successfully execute very complex business plans, to raise lots of capital and to build out innovative, cutting-edge organizations from nothing.

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