• How Charles Leaver Has Changed CyberSecurity and Tech

  • Posted on July 15, 2017
  • Currently the Chief Executive Officer of one of the most important cybersecurity firms in the world, Ziften, Charles Leaver is considered an expert in the field of cybersecurity, but he is also seen as a tech icon in general.And why not; his tech career started in 1982, which was before many hot tech executives even started playing with computers. it was before the Internet and before cybersecurity was even a thing. That makes him something of a pioneer in the field, in addition to being an entrepreneur and a senior executive. He is also well known as a sales and management specialist and he has been a trusted advisor for many companies in variety of tech fields, primarily in the mobile and media sectors.

    To be honest, Charles Leaver comes to the security business naturally, having managed, operated and owned a number of technologically advanced lottery systems in Asia, Europe and South America. He has become an icon in the security world because he knows what has to be done. Chuck Leaver is also bullish on the future because he sees nothing but opportunity ahead. The more connected tech gets, the more we will need what he and Ziften have to offer. They are poised to become a key player in the next phase of the technological revolution.

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